4head Stick

4head Stick

4head Stick is for fast, effective headache relief without pills.


What is 4head Stick?

Unlike most headache treatments, 4head Stick is specially designed to be applied directly to the point of pain on the forehead.

The active ingredient is levomenthol, more commonly referred to as menthol, presented in a convenient retractable stick dispenser. Many people are familiar with menthol as being the main constituent of peppermint oil.

When 4head Stick is applied it causes a cooling and tingling sensation, dilating the blood vessels in the skin, helping to block pain signals to the brain. It can also help to relieve and relax tense muscles in the head.

4head Stick

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Why use 4head Stick?

Please note: 4head Stick is not recommended for people with hypersensitivity to menthol.

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How to use

Get the most out of 4head Stick

How to use 4head Stick

4head Stick is used by simply wiping the surface of the stick gently across your forehead. The application is colourless and non-greasy.

When to use

4head Stick can be applied whenever you need it. It offers fast, effective relief on-the-go.

Use sparingly

Do not use too much otherwise the skin sensation may become excessive. If this occurs, subsequent applications should be less frequent or over a smaller area.

After use

After use, retract into dispenser and replace cap. 4head Stick must only be used on the forehead.

When to stop

Stop using 4head Stick if it feels uncomfortable. If you experience any other undesirable effects, seek medical advice.

What to do if swallowed

If 4head Stick is accidentally swallowed, seek medical attention.

Who can use it

Adults, the elderly and children can use it - although when young children complain of headaches, it is normally appropriate to discuss this first with their doctor. As with any medicine, excessive use should be avoided.


  1. Remove outer cap

    Remove outer cap and, before use, also remove the small protective inner cap from the top of the dispenser.

  2. Twist the dispenser base clockwise

    Twist the dispenser base clockwise, whilst holding the upper section, until the levomenthol stick protrudes from the top of dispenser.

  3. Apply gently across the forehead as required

    Apply gently across the forehead as required (taking care to avoid the eyes).

For more information, have a look at this leaflet (PDF 1MB)
The same instructions apply to adults, children and the elderly.

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How it works

4head is for fast, effective headache relief without pills

4head contains the topical painkiller - 90% levomenthol - that can help block pain signals caused by headaches and relax the muscles in the head.

How it works

It's all in the sensation

After swiping 4head Stick across your forehead, you'll quickly feel soothing, cooling and tingling sensations. These are the first signs that 4head's analgesic action is starting to work.

In fact, a clinical trial with tension headache sufferers confirmed that after applying 4head Stick they could feel the effects of its topical painkiller, levomenthol (more commonly referred to as menthol), starting to work in just 2 minutes.

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Frequently asked questions

Your questions answered

4head Stick can be used by adults, the elderly and children. 4head QuickStrip can also be used by adults and the elderly, but is not recommended for children under 12 years old as it can be difficult for them to use it as instructed. In either case, it is advisable when young children complain of headaches to discuss this first with their doctor.

4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip can be used as often as required. If the local sensations are too strong, subsequent applications should be less frequent, and/or in the case of the stick, applied over a smaller area. It is a good idea to get advice from your doctor or pharmacist if your headaches are not relieved by over-the-counter treatments or are so painful or frequent that they affect daily activities.

There are no known interactions between the use of 4head Stick or 4head QuickStrip and other treatments. However, 4head Stick and 4head QuickStrip should not be used together, nor should either product be used at the same time as any other treatments applied to the forehead.

Yes, either 4head Stick or 4head QuickStrip can be used with painkillers taken by mouth. There are no known interactions between either 4head Stick or 4head QuickStrip and oral painkillers.

Yes, there are no specific restrictions, although it may be advisable for asthmatics to take care to use them in a well-ventilated area. In the unlikely event of signs of sensitivity, treatment should be stopped.

Yes, there are no specific restrictions. In the unlikely event of signs of skin irritation, treatment should be stopped and the application area washed and dried.

No, neither 4head Stick nor 4head QuickStrip should be used if the skin of the forehead is cut, broken or abnormal in any other way (e.g. where there is acne, eczema or any other skin problem).

Yes, these products can be used during pregnancy or while breast-feeding. However, if you are pregnant and often have headaches, tell your midwife or doctor, so that they can advise you. Severe headaches in pregnancy can be a sign of high blood pressure and you should seek urgent advice. Products of these types have been in widespread use for many years, without significant adverse reports. However, safety trials have not been conducted and medicines can harm the unborn baby.

Yes. 4head Stick does not contain any products of animal origin and it has not been tested on animals.

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