Different types of headaches sometimes require different kinds of treatment. Understanding which headache you're suffering from, and knowing how to treat it, gives you the best chance of dealing with it quickly and effectively.

What can cause


Lack of sleep is a common cause of headaches. Our busy lives can mean that we do not get as much sleep as we need. Improving your sleep patterns should lessen the onset of headaches caused by a lack of sleep.

If you have at least seven hours of sleep a night this will resolve the lack of sleep issue.

If falling asleep is difficult, make sure you have taken time to relax at least an hour before you plan on going to bed and avoid any drinks containing caffeine (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks) in the evening. Some people find that a warm, decaffeinated drink and a warm shower or bath before bedtime really helps them to feel sleepy.


For many people, headaches and other symptoms are related to certain foods that they eat. Too much of a certain food or chemical contained in food, can cause symptoms to develop, as can sudden withdrawal from that food or chemical component.

Like a migraine, preventing a food headache is only possible when you learn to recognise and avoid the trigger.

By ensuring that you drink at least two litres of water a day, you should avoid any headaches caused by dehydration, too.

Making sure you always have an adequate blood sugar level, which can drop if you have not eaten and cause a headache.

Too many painkillers

For some people consistently taking headache remedies over a prolonged period can cause so-called rebound or chronic daily headaches.

If you frequently suffer from tension headaches, you could try using 4head Stick instead of your usual painkillers for fast, effective relief. When taking painkillers, ensure that you are not taking more than the recommended amount as instructed on the packaging.

Your environment

Loud noise, bright lights, changes in weather patterns and strong smells can all be culprits.

Stop whatever environmental factor is causing the headache.

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter, wear sunglasses in bright sunlight and rest for a while in a cool, quiet place with soft lighting.

Crash Diets

When you don't eat for a few hours, your blood sugar levels drop – which is a common cause of headaches. Detox diets also cause headaches because the amount of toxins circulating around your body suddenly increases as your body tries to get rid of them. These toxins can also cause headaches.

No matter what diet you follow, it is essential that you keep up your blood sugar levels at all times. Starving yourself is not just bad for your head; it's bad for the rest of your body too. It's not wrong to snack when you are dieting, as long as the snack food you choose is low in fat and contains lots of complex carbohydrates to keep your energy up. Headaches caused by detox diets can be combatted by drinking water – lots of it! Try to drink at least two litres of water a day when you are detoxing and any headaches you encounter should have minimal effect.


For some women, puberty brings on the first headache or migraine; for many women these return with each menstruation. In some cases they will continue until the menopause, when levels of the hormone - oestrogen - drop. Some women find they suffer increased migraines if they take the combined contraceptive pill.

Tension headaches around the time of menstruation can be relieved with 4head Stick.

Try having a relaxing warm bath with some essential oils (essential oil of lavender is particularly good for relieving headaches) or tucking yourself up in bed to make yourself feel better.

Once your hormone levels have stabilised, your headache will go away of its own accord.

Screen time

Electronic screens are a well-known culprit of headaches. Combine the effects of eye strain and poor posture too and it's no surprise that too much technology is giving us all a headache.

Technology headaches can be resolved by regularly taking short breaks away from the screen and by opening a window to create a less stuffy atmosphere.

Keep active by going for a walk around the block or even just the office every now and again, get the blood flowing. This will help to relieve stress and therefore reduce your headaches.

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