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Tension headache

In adults, tension-type headaches are the most common. As the name suggests, they are usually caused by the busy work, home and social lives that we all lead. Tension headaches tend to feel like a ‘band’ across the forehead and are often coupled with sensitivity in the muscles at the back of the head and neck. Tension headaches are generally more common in women than men, and it is estimated that around half of all women suffer from at least one tension headache every two weeks.


  • Stress or anxiety
  • Poor posture
  • Wear and tear on the neck
  • Depression
  • Social problems

Facts to note:

  • Last from thirty minutes to seven days
  • Feel like pressing or tightening around the head – but not pulsations
  • Bring on mild to moderate pain
  • Resulting pain on both sides of the head

Relief of tension headaches

Tension headaches can be relieved by avoiding those situations that lead to tension in the first place. Find out what is stressing you out and put an end to it!

For everyday stress that you cannot do anything about, try using 4head Stick for fast, effective relief of your tension headaches. The active ingredient of 4head Stick is levomenthol – 90% (more commonly referred to as menthol). 4head works by causing local sensations of coldness, or tingling, followed by an analgesic effect (pain relief). This action of levomenthol is thought to relax local blood vessels and reduce sensitivity to pain signals.

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