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Hormone headache/menstrual migraine

The link between hormones and headaches and migraines is well established. For some women, puberty brings on the first headache or migraine; for many women these return with each menstruation. In some cases they will continue until the menopause, when levels of the hormone - oestrogen - drop. Some women find they suffer increased migraines if they take the combined contraceptive pill.

Tension headaches may occur just before or just after menstruation. This also suggests a hormone link.


  • Changing levels of the hormone oestrogen in the bloodstream due to the natural menstrual cycle
  • Changing levels of oestrogen in the bloodstream due to taking a hormonal medication e.g. contraceptive pill or HRT

Facts to note:

  • May occur shortly before, during or after menstruation
  • Will typically disappear during pregnancy
  • Usually ceases altogether after the menopause

Relief of a hormone headache

Tension headaches around the time of menstruation can be relieved with 4head Stick. Try having a relaxing warm bath with some essential oils (essential oil of lavender is particularly good for relieving headaches) or tucking yourself up in bed to make yourself feel better. Once your hormone levels have stabilised, your headache will go away of its own accord.