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Environmental headache

The environment around us is to blame for many headaches – loud noise, bright lights, changes in weather patterns and strong smells can all be culprits. Headaches are also a common symptom of an allergy – a condition that has increased significantly in the UK recently. The chemicals in household cleaning products and air fresheners are often blamed.


      • Loud noises

      • Bright lights

      • Strong smells

      • Changes in weather patterns

Facts to note:

      • May be prevented by keeping cool in summer and warm in winter

      • May be prevented by wearing sunglasses in bright sunlight

      • May be relieved by resting for a while in a cool, quiet place with soft lighting


Relief of environmental headaches

The most effective way to combat headaches caused by environmental factors is to put a stop to whatever it is that is causing the headache. Spring clean your house and get rid of any cleaning products containing harsh chemical ingredients that you suspect may be giving you a headache and replace them with more natural products. Replace high wattage bulbs with low wattage bulbs, to reduce the intensity of light in your work or living space. If you live or work in a noisy environment, it may be worth investing in double glazing to reduce outside noise.